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Keeping it local... keeping it fresh

At the Green Garage we’re all about providing locals and visitors alike with fresh, healthy produce. That’s why, whenever possible, we buy local. Let’s face it, you’d have to be crazy not to! Northern New South Wales and in particular the area surrounding Byron Bay is renowned for it’s rich red soil, abundant rainfall and temperate climate. You can grow just about anything here. Take a look for yourself when you hit the highways and byways. Fresh vegetables, stone fruit, coffee, macadamia and pecan plantations can be see everywhere. Even the cows, sheep, goats and pigs have a smile on their face.

That doesn’t mean you only find local foods here at the Green Garage. We buy the best of the best from Australia and beyond. You could say we have everything you need to keep your insides and out firing on all cylinders. Where else can you get a freshly made cappuccino or latte to have while you ponder your choices! You can even get your evenings meal made for you while you do your shopping.

To discover more about the Green Garage Philosophy and find out what’s coming up in-store including some mouth watering recipes from some of our leading suppliers just keep on clicking

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