Green Garage - Keeping it local keeping it fresh

Meet the crew

Without doubt our most crucial ingredient, the heart and soul of the Green Garage is our team! What makes us really different is that we not only dig the people we work with but we love doing what we do. Most importantly we all have a passion for food. You’ll often find us after hours at one of the local pubs taking in the atmosphere and discussing our latest delivery. Honest!

Many of us have retail in our blood. Some started selling bikinis and jeans. Others have always been foodies. We also have musicians, budding sports superstars and surfers as part of the team. We even have a trapeze artist as part of the gang.

To really experience the GREEN GARAGE team in full flight, you have to come in and join us in our natural habitat. When you are here feel free to dance amongst the veggies and funk your way to the registers; just like we do everyday.

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