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It doesn’t take long to discover that Byron Bay is not your everyday coastal town. It takes even less time to determine that the Green Garage is anything but just another supermarket.

For starters you won’t find a suit or tie insight! Aisles have been banned, our specials are written on chalkboard and most of our produce is grown and manufactured locally. Our philosophy of keeping it local…keeping it fresh is anything but lip service! And why would it be; the region around Byron Bay is some of the most fertile in the country. Come in and take a look for yourself. We’ve got it all, fresh local produce, gourmet delicacies, delicious fruit and veg, lotions, potions, toiletries and more. We’ve even got an in-house chef who will cook your dinner while you shop. Make sure you click through the rest of the site we’re you can meet our suppliers, pick up some hints and tips, learn some new recipes and discover what events we have planned for the year.

Welcome to the Green Garage, Byron Bay’s latest icon. By the way did we tell you were not really a supermarket!

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