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Meet our suppliers

When most of your suppliers are within a mere 30-minute drive from your store you can be sure the food is always going to be fresh. We wouldn’t have it any other way. And it all starts with our earth. Rich with nutrients and a deep red in colour the soil around Byron might play havoc with your clothes and be capable of turning a white dog red but it more than makes up for the dry cleaning costs by ensuring that our local produce is, in a word, sensational.

It’s not just what’s grown in the ground that gets the taste buds dancing. For producers of dairy products the region is perfect. Lush grass, plenty of rainfall and some old fashioned love has ensured our local cheeses, milk, yogurts and ice creams are second to none. It’s truly a gourmet’s paradise. And the best place to buy it is right here at the Green Garage.

To meet our local suppliers and discover the secrets of their success including some truly sensational recipes and tips simply click on one of the images.

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